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Best-of-Breed Full Benefit Cloud Computing

Posted by Susan Steele-Ward on Oct 6, 2014 10:30:00 AM

Why The Time is Right

Wouldn’t It Be Great if the next iPhone update came with a "one size fits your life" application. An alarm clock at 6am, a news feed at 6:30am, a traffic report at 7am, plays your favorite tune at 8am, gives you the nearest lunch menus at 11:30am, reschedules your 1pm meeting, congratulates you for getting through your crazy day at 5pm, navigates back home at 5:30pm, orders your favorite Chinese dish from that little place around the corner at 7pm, notifies you when your favorite show comes on at 9pm, sets your alarm clock for the next day and wishes you a good night at 10pm.

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